“Commander Terry Virts is energetic, thought-provoking, and inspirational. He shares a powerful narrative that transcends our planet through his stunning visuals from his time in outer space. Terry’s charm and leadership leave all those listening wanting more.”
Brian Kinsella, Goldman Sachs
“Our pilots hugely enjoyed and learned a great deal from are Terry’s inspirational and thought provoking talk about his experiences with handling emergencies in space. His humorous and personable style, combined with incredible imagery and stories, really engaged our aviators and will help to make us a better and even safer airline.”
Alex Cruz, CEO, British Airways
“Col. Virts’ presentation at our annual expo was both relevant and inspiring to everyone in attendance. Leadership is something that all of our members strive to improve upon every day, and Col. Virts’ unique anecdotes and takeaways provided our attendees with actionable ideas to implement in their businesses.”
Daron Linton | Events & Programs Manager, Colorado Advanced Manufacturing Alliance
“Terry effortlessly charmed and inspired an audience of 1,000 people with stories and wisdom from his time on the space station. The evening is still spoken about by our team and our audience as a true highlight from our 2016 calendar!”
Kaj Lofgren ,The School of Life
“Terry inspired and wowed with his beautiful photographs and unique insights into our planet’s environment, wealth distribution, and the importance of innovation in driving the global economy. Websummit is Europe’s largest tech conference, and Terry’s presentation to our special group of industry leaders really made a lasting impression as a highlight of the week’s events”
“Terry’s talk inspired us, educated us and sparked our curiosity — not just for space, but for humanity as a whole. He made us laugh, he made us think, and he made us consider new aspects of science and medicine. And his beautiful photographs just wowed us all! A wonderful presentation.”
Dr. Tom Mauger
Chair, The Ohio State University Department of Ophthalmology and Visual Science
“Terry is a regular guest lecturer at Harvard Business School and always a highlight for our participants – he combines fascinating stories, dynamic connection with his audience, and unique perspectives on leadership as well as life on earth.”
Dr. Sunil Gupta, Harvard BUsiness School Professor and Chair of the General Management Program